Top 20 Most Popular Electronic Health Records EHRs

Infograph of EMR/EHR Software Solutions

Wheather you call them Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR), these software solutions for digital patient records are a hot topic in doctor offices all around the country today.

I came accross this infographic listing the top 20 EMRs at . I thought the list was interesting to see how the software ranked by popularity. I expected to see eClinical at the top but I was surprised to see McKesson and Cerner in the top three.

This list is a good starting point if your medical practice is at the begening stages of selecting an Electronic Health Record. Call the first venodor on the list and work you way down. Also do a Google search to see what other medical practices are saying about these EHRs.

The Top 20 Most Popular EMR Software Solutions

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Have you started the process of chosing and installing an EHR?  How is it going? Leave you thoughts, experiences and horror storries in the comment section below.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. It will be helpful for providers when choosing the right EHR for their practice.
    My recent post Simple steps to reduce claim denials

  2. I wish I had read this article before I bought an EHR software package.
    I bought Vitera Intergy EHR and I am considering just switching from this horrible company. They have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars, they are really complicated to use, have poor support, and keep trying to gauge you with more and excessive charges.
    There needs to be more open reviews of each of these companies.
    Dr B

    • Sorry to hear about that Dr. B. We looked for an EHR. We did a lot of research, had numerous demos, visited practices that used the EHRs and talked to others. Based on many factors eClincal ended up on the top of our list.

      The top 3 on our list were:

      1. eClincal
      2. Allscripts
      3. Greenway

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