What is the Fee for Not Having Health Insurance Coverage?

Penalty for No Health Insurance in Starts in 2014

What is the fee for not having Healthcare Insurance?A lot of the medical practices we service are asking us questions about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and how it may affect their patients. 

One of the questions we hear asked is if there is a fee, penalty or tax for not having health insurance  as some of the young adults don’t want health insurance and just pay cash if they do need to see a doctor.

According to the government:

Starting January 1, 2014, if someone doesn’t have a health plan that qualifies as minimum essential coverage, he or she may have to pay a fee that increases every year: from 1% of income (or $95 per adult, whichever is higher) in 2014 to 2.5% of income (or $695 per adult) in 2016. The fee for children is half the adult amount. The fee is paid on the 2014 federal income tax form, which is completed in 2015. 

So yes, call it what you want, a fee, a penalty or a tax but if you do not purchase health insurance coverage you will have to pay a fine.

  2014 2016
Adult  $ 95.00  $ 695.00
Child  $ 47.50  $ 347.50

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  1. Is this fee paid monthly or yearly?

  2. For me, still much less than paying the monthly premium ($395) and carry a major medical policy.

    • B.Brandt says:

      The premiums that are more affordable still come with a $5,000 deductible, so bottom line still not receiving medical care even with health insurance, since the prices for services before deductible are met are too high, and an individual would have to see a doctor every week for six months or longer in order to reach deductible. This means that these policies are affordable for those who don’t need them, like Mr. Obama, these premiums are much higher than BEFORE this “affordable act”. Seems to me this is just Obama’s way of bringing the USA out of debt by having the IRS collect fees . This is not helping ensure that US citizens receive quality care or any care. What a façade!

  3. Mike Riley says:

    If the fee is paid on the Tax forms, you still haven’t answered the question: Is it a yearly fee or a monthly fee that is accrued throughout the year? For B. Brandt, this is not the place for partisan politics.

  4. Silvia Lut says:

    I can not believe there is a fee, if you are not health insured. I changed my plan, and do not feel that the new plan is that affordable at all. So how a person with low income is supposed to pay any insurance is very questionable. To put a fee on people who still can not pay an insurance seems more then ridiculous…
    Silvia L.

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